Year 8 visit to SUR offices in Malaga

Recently Year 8 went on a school trip to the ‘Sur’ Newspaper office in Malaga. We all went on the bus and arrived after about an hour at a plain building. No one would have ever guessed that inside was a multimedia studio with offices for writing newspaper articles, a radio studio and a filming studio!First, we watched a small presentation of Sur; how it has developed, the process of writing a newspaper and their goals for the future. When the presentation finished we were all curious so we asked the tour guide questions and shortly after we went to the filming studio.We listened in awe to the lady. We were so surprised that so much could happen in this one, normal-looking building, that was only ever closed for three days a year! The studio was where they filmed the weather and interviews, which is viewed on the internet. We had a photograph in the studio and it will be published in two weeks in the Sur newspaper.Finally, we went down to the machine room where the newspaper are processed and packed ready to got to the shops to target the early workers heading to their work. Soon it was time to go; we all got a free gift and a newspaper and trudged back to the bus. When we had hopped on the bus, everyone was talking excitedly about what they had enjoyed. We were so surprised by how much we had learnt when, I have to admit, no one had been too excited to go in the morning!We all got a good taste of life as a journalist, that’s for sure! My favourite part was watching the video-not just because we got to sit in comfy, plush chairs- but because he lady answered all our questions and we found out so much about media. I’m sure that my parents are sick of me gushing facts that I learnt on my trip for the past few days!Chloe C – 8APO

Sur 1

Sur 2

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