Year 5 Visit to Picasso Museum Malaga

Year 5 with pictures they painted during visit to the Picasso Museum in Malaga on Thursday, 6 October.


Year 5 visit to Picasso Museum Malaga

Early in the spring term, year 5 paid a second visit to the city of Malaga; this time to visit the museum that is dedicated to the work of the world renowned, locally born artist, Pablo Picasso. On arriving in the Plaza de la Merced, the children were able to view his actual place of birth and trace the steps through the squares where he spent his early childhood.They were guided around the museum where they were taught to interpret some of Picasso’s more abstract pieces, such as Madre y Niño and Mujer en un Sillón. They then enjoyed an interesting art lesson in the museum’s own work shop where they were introduced to new drawing techniques and were able to produce an individual piece of their own to take home.

Picasso 1

Picasso 2

Picasso 3