Year 5 Residential Trip Grazalema

For their first ever residential trip, Year 5 stayed inside one of southern Spain’s most famous national parks; Grazalema. Surrounded by stunning views of endless forests, the children learnt to abseil, descend along a zip line and develop skills in archery. Whilst out hiking, they came into contact with goats and cattle as well as identifying the natural vegetation of the area, including medicinal herbs, as well as olive, oak and cork trees.

The children also had the chance to develop and use their domestic skills including cheese making and leather work.

There was lots of time to relax and have fun with friends, especially in the evening when the children gathered together to star gaze, play the ‘Agujero Negro’ and dance the ‘Macarena’ at the disco.

Residential trip Grazelema-050613 (3)Residential trip Grazelema-050613 (38) Residential trip Grazelema-050613 (14)