Year 4 Visit to Lobo Park

On Friday morning a very excited group of Year 4 children and teachers set off on a trip to Lobo Park (Wolf Park). The children had already had lessons in science about habitats and the trip was designed to further their learning about this topic.As expected, the trip was thoroughly enjoyable. We saw packs of wolves, originally from different parts of the world, which have been bred in this near natural environment. Their enclosures were huge, giving the wolves an impression of living in the wild. We saw the wolves closely and were able to take pictures and discuss the features of each type.This was followed up by a session with our guide about how we are to act and behave around dogs. She also told us a little about how the dogs think and understand humans. A trip to the park shop rounded off a fun and educational trip.

Lobo park 1

Lobo park 2