Year 1LT Assembly

For their assembly Year 1LT decided that they were going to go on a space journey. Five astronauts took off to visit the planets of stars, heat and cold. When they arrived at these planets they took part and watched dances. Finally they visited a scary-looking planet. They did not know what was in store until out of nowhere came two very frightening and scary monsters. They were chased all over the place until they finally made it back to their rocket and returned safely to earth. The children in the class enjoyed performing their play using the media of dance and drama.

Assembly lt 051011 (8)

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Assembly lt 051011 (19)

Year 1LT Assembly

In Year 1 we like to listen to stories. For our class assembly we decided that we would like to perform one of our favourite stories ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?’.As we also like to dance and sing we incorporated these two activities into the performance. On 6 October when we performed it everybody seemed to enjoy what we did. We know we certainly enjoyed ourselves.

Assembly lt 1

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