Year 13 Visit to Gibraltar

The English Department organised a visit for Year 13 to Gibraltar as part of the Language B Leisure – this took place on Tuesday 18 November and here is the review of the trip by one of the pupils involved, Mª Catalina Pizarro.

Gibraltar is a charming place situated in the South of Spain. It is a British overseas territory which is well known because of its fascinating way, in which, a broad variety of cultures coexist. This year we had the opportunity to visit Gibraltar with our IB English B class, and we spent a whole day experiencing this multicultural atmosphere.

Our day started by leaving the school in a minibus – the journey lasted less than an hour. When we arrived, we crossed the border walking through a short and fast ID control, and as soon as we were in, we walked to Gibraltar’s airport. Yes, Gibraltar has an airport even though it is only 1.2 km wide. It only operates flights with the UK, and it receives around 5 flights per day. After that we went to Gibraltar’s main street in which we spend most of our morning doing a survey to better know Gibraltar and its general culture. The answer that surprised me the most was one given by a German tourist, who defined a Gibraltar as a “lovely place of English buildings and Spanish people”. Even though most of the tourists used to define Gibraltar as a mix of Spanish and British culture, Gibraltarians said that it was 100% British. When we finished we had a typical British lunch at the main plaza: fish and chips! To finish our trip we had some free time in which we walked around and bought some souvenirs.

This experience was superb! Being in a mini Great Britain that is so far away from the real one was something amazing.

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