Year 13 IB Geography Fieldtrip

On the Wednesday 9 October 2013, the two year 13 IB Geography students, Jack Rycott and Bader Al-Dugheithir went to Marbella to collect data to complete their Internal Assessment. This is an important component of the course, and the pupils were required to work together to gather a range of data to investigate the effectiveness of coastal defences in Marbella. On a beautiful day, with choppy seas, the pupils did well to negotiate the waves and gather information on wave strength, services and facilities and long shore drift using various pieces of equipment. It was a fun day despite colder waters and, back in the classroom, the pupil’s collated data to write up their report.

Geography Field Day-091013 (1) Geography Field Day-091013 (27)

Geography Field Day-091013 (15)