Year 10 MUN Event

This week, Aloha College hosted its very first MUN conference based on the theme of “Fostering Tolerance in a Globalised World” . Aimed at all Year 10 students, the conference ran for 2 days and focused on issues as diverse as racism in sport, women´s rights and immigration. Run by seasoned MUN students who chaired each of the four committees, the experience was wonderfully enriching both for new and experienced delegates alike. For many students, the conference provided them with an introduction into the world of diplomacy and international relations in which negotiation skills, public speaking and knowledge of current affairs are key to success.

“A new thrilling experience”  – Aliah-Noor

“A very enjoyable, eye-opening experience – I learned a lot.” – Jade

“It was a great experience and also a real challenge to represent a country whose views were very different to my own.” Damien

These were some Year 10 responses to the experience. Watch this space for news of the next MUN Conference…

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