Year 1 Farm Trip Alozaina

On Friday 27 April Year One set off on a trip to La Granja Escuela, Arroyo de las Viñas, Alozaina. Everyone was very excited and they were not to be disappointed. On arrival all were treated to drinks and cakes which went down very nicely. The children were then split into four groups of birds, rabbits, horses and cats. Each group was sent to different activities of: – making jam, making lemonade, looking at the animals and planting seeds. Each group completed each activity over the day. The children enjoyed these activities. When making the jam they got to chop up, mash and heat up the strawberries with sugar. The lemonade tasted very nice especially as the children had carefully picked and squeezed the lemons. The children were also given the opportunity to choose plants and went to the vegetable patch to plant and water them. At the farm they saw many animals; a Vietnamese pig, hens, rabbits, peacocks and horses. After such a busy time the children were treated to a meal of pasta and jelly. Unfortunately it was then time to return to school after such a busy and exciting day.

Alozaina 1

Alozaina 2

Alozaina 3


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