Y13 CAS Trip to Tarifa

On Friday 11 September, Year 13 left for the much anticipated Tarifa trip. We had about an hour’s journey on the bus to get there, however, it felt like considerably longer since we were so keen to start our weekend. When we finally arrived, we could not wait to start the activities, which included tricky rock climbing, abseiling, ice breakers, and archery. By the time we had finished, we were all exhausted from the excitement but eager to carry on. We weren’t disappointed either, since we still had over an hour trek back to our campsite, and even then, our activities hadn’t finished. We had to work out how to put our tent together, which proved problematic as the majority of us had never done that before. Nevertheless, this was nothing compared to the ‘skiing’ activity we did during the evening after dinner.

The next morning we rose early, packed our tents and sleeping bags, had breakfast and walked a five hour trek along the beach. To say the walk was stunning is an understatement. The highlight of this adventure has to be jumping off the sand dunes. It was one of the most exhilarating things most of us had ever done, and we hope to repeat it again! It is safe to say that by the time we returned, we were shattered. The trip to Tarifa was a lovely way to start the new academic year.

Margherita Palumbo, Headgirl

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