World Peace Day – Lets help to build peace together

The entire Aloha community joined together to celebrate International Peace Day.

Resplendent in white and waving hand decorated doves, an ancient symbol of peace, our students united with many others around the world in contemplating the true meaning of Peace.

Our head students Mia Windhagauer and Alexey Gudkov led the proceedings and in their very first whole school presentation, they invited us to join together in creating a culture of peace from within the heart of our school. Following the tradition initiated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1982, a minute’s silence was held for us to reflect on what we can each do to promote peace in our world.

‘’My responsibility is to care and respect others no matter if they are different from me. Peace is kindness, respect and love’’  Valeria (Year 4)

‘’My responsibility is to protect the ones who are in danger, end fighting, be kind, don’t hurt people and care for everybody so that they live in peace.’’ Benas (year 4).