The Art department extends a warm welcome to all students, providing them with the opportunity to engage in creative projects at their own pace. Our aim is to foster a community where artistic vision flourishes, honing skills in various mediums. From painting to digital art, we nurture a community where imagination knows no bounds.

Our after-school clubs range from plein air drawing to mixed arts and crafts. Every year, the art student team of set designers supports the Drama production by designing and making exciting stage backdrops, 3D models, and props. Through this teamwork-based project, students are able to develop their artistic skills and form new friendships while working together towards the final goal.


Students' creative touch can be seen all over the school. This ranges from works of art exhibited around the school to the logo designs on the house team hoodies and T-shirts, a design developed by a sixth-form student to give a new and vibrant identity to the house teams.

The department places a strong emphasis on drawing and painting, focusing on the development of representational accuracy while exploring conceptual ideas. Sixth-form students are provided with their own studio space, allowing them to continue with their creative endeavours beyond lessons. The studios are designed to support an inviting creative atmosphere, empowering individuals to nurture their artistic flair. The department is equipped with facilities for printmaking, including an etching press, and supports ceramics with a kiln and potter's wheel, as well as a darkroom for photography.