Visit from Unicaja basketball Málaga

On the 14 November, we had the opportunity to enjoy Unicaja’s visit at Aloha College. They focused on talking about Sports values and the importance of keeping a healthy life. All of these activities are part of the program “El deporte es vida” developed by Unicaja. We visited us Adam Waczyski (Poland) and Oliver Lafayette (USA). These two professional players told us about the beginning of playing basketball and also explained their lifestyle. The main issue came from the Unicaja mascot, Chicui. He described the basics of having a healthy life through mimic: having a good nutrition, studying, loving those who are around you.

This activity is one of the many activities we have agreed to do this year with Unicaja, among which we can highlight the attendance of a Unicaja game  at Martín Carpena Sports Hall or the presentation of ACBC teams during the break of an Official Unicaja match.

The atmosphere was outstanding once again. The children had a good time listening to the experience of these two professional players and the most daring ones could get an autograph to remember the moment.

Pupils enjoyed meeting the players and seeing how tall they were! They also enjoyed seeing Chicui performing certain mimes!

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