Visit to Uganda – Ivana

This July I went to Africa to volunteer for one month. I went with a group of 5 people from an organization in Madrid called Combonianos. We went to Uganda in the centre of Africa. Our main focus was teaching English classes to a girl’s school, we also visited different villages, worked in an orphanage and taught games and showed typical European dances and songs. A staggering 65% of the population in Uganda is below the age of sixteen, therefore we concentrated on helping the children. I went with the expectation of helping others, I came back knowing they had helped me and taught me so much more. I went thinking it was the poorest country in Africa, I came back knowing it was the happiest place in the world. This trip not only gave me a memory I’ll never forget, friends I’ll always have but it also broadened my perspective, I really view the world in a different way.Once you go somewhere so different you realise how much your missing and how absorbed we are in our own little worlds. Also by putting ourselves in a completely different place that’s where we really allow ourselves to grow.

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