United Nations Day Celebration – Secondary school Assembly

On Friday 24 October, the Secondary School assembly was devoted to celebrating United Nations Day with a simulated UN debate between students from Years 10 to 12, commentated by Kira Nelson Fluche and Mr Elliott.

Two speakers from each house then eloquently put their cases for the following issues: should we help those suffering from the Ebola crisis, what is the impact of separatist states and the positive impact of improving female education. After a question and answer session, Mr Webb and Mr Roth judged that Aranzazu and Barnaby from Sevilla house had won by a narrow margin.

Following this, Mr Hunkin explained the UN’s Millenium Development Goals for 2015 and announced the winners of the Year 9 Millienium Goals video challenge: Andres, Vicente, Enzo and Adolfo in 9REL and 9AP. The assembly closed with a heart-felt farewell to Sra Amparo Ruiz, who is retiring this term and finally, Mrs Batchelor surprised everyone with a guest appearance by six Primary School pupils dressed in their finest Halloween outfits.

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