Trip La Concha – Year 12

34 Year 12 pupils set off to climb La Concha as part of their IB CAS programme.Leading the trip was Mr Kevin Wade, accompanied by Miss Rysia Kaminski, Mr Paul McTear, Srta Maria Iglesias and Miss Stine Raustoel.Two of pupils had to pull out during the first hard climb and were accompanied back down by Srta. Iglesias. The rest of us made the trip to the summit, where we spent half an hour enjoying the views across the Costa del Sol and Sierra de las Nieves, whilst eating lunch.The journey back down was tiring on the legs, but everyone made it back to the coach, arriving back at the College at 17:10. It was a great day and the pupils added the hours spent to their CAS diaries.

Concha 1

Concha 2

Concha 3