The importance of Home-School Partnership in Schools

Elizabeth Batchelor, Principal of Aloha College, talks about the importance of a strong home-school partnership.

Children learn best when parents and teachers work together to encourage and support them. Schools alone cannot address all of a child’s developmental needs. The positive involvement of parents is essential – this all appears to be common sense, however, society has become more complex and demanding and, therefore, greater emphasis has to be placed on building good relationships based on honesty and trust.

Clear, open communication is paramount. Sharing and upholding the same values is crucial if children are to be expected to uphold the same standards at home and at school.

Children do not stop learning about values and relationship when they enter a classroom, nor do they stop learning academics and attitudes about learning when they are at home. Certainly in Aloha College we aim never to create a distinction between the roles that parents and teachers should play in a child’s development.

Wow Day with Parents
Wow Day with Parents

At Aloha College we aim to reach out to our families, always trying to make them feel welcome as full partners in the educational process. In return, our families make a commitment of time and energy to support their children both at home and at school. As well as attending parents’ consultation meetings, supporting weekly assemblies, attending informative evenings, parents of Aloha College actually have the opportunity to take part in our “wow” mornings where they learn alongside the pupils.

Elizabeth Batchelor with Foundation Stage children
Elizabeth Batchelor with Foundation Stage children

As an example of this, last year over 150 parents joined classes in the Primary School where they thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning experiences. The phrase ringing in my ears as they left the school was “we wish we were back at school”. As Principal of Aloha College I am particularly blessed as I personally receive 100% co-operation and trust from the parents of our school and they fully support their children’s learning.

This is confirmed by our Independent Schools Inspection (ISI) report, which praised the success of our parental partnership in improving children’s achievement: “Throughout the school, the quality of links with parents, carers and guardians is excellent”. “Responses to the parents’ questionnaire were extremely positive and supportive of the school”. Another reason for Aloha College being such an excellent school.

Elizabeth Batchelor, Aloha College Principal


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