Cross Country Tournament

The Aloha College Cross Country team performed at an excellent level recently at Sunland International School. Our team of 75 pupils worked extremely hard and out of hundreds of participants each team managed to get a good amount of runners finishing in the top ten position finishing 3rd overall out of 10 schools. An excellent all-round team achievement, well done!

Special mention goes to the pupils who finished in medal positions, a fantastic achievement:

Evelina Stanikova (Y6)                      Gold medal

Carlos Park            (Y6)                      Silver medal

Imran Sibille          (Y7)                      Bronze medal

Tommy Tonge       (Y9)                      Gold medal


Some other pupils just missed out on the medal positions and deserve a special mention for their effort as they scored a high level of points for our team:

Nacho Fay             (Y6)

Emily Villaverde     (Y6)

Lucia Parra Gomez (Y7)

Luis Gachot           (Y10)

Brian Kelly             (Y10)

Aranzazu Martin    (Y10)

Excellent work!


X Country Sunlands-240114 (3) X Country Sunlands-240114 (22) X Country Sunlands-240114 (24)