Stunning performance of our little geniuses in the ISMTF competition in Vienna

Aloha College Marbella children come back from Central Europe with a beautiful personal experience and impressive qualifications.

Stunning performance of our little geniuses in the ISMTF competition in Vienna

Over Semana Blanca two teams of Aloha students travelled to Vienna to compete in the ISMTF Junior and Senior Maths competitions, grabbing a 3rd place in teams, and a 7th and 8th place in the individual overall.

These competitions involve 5 hours of intense problem solving against the clock, first individually, and then working as a team, with hundreds of students from top international schools all over the world competing for the prizes.

Working with only pencil and paper students need to draw on their subject knowledge, pattern-spotting and lateral thinking in order to crack the problems.

As always the Aloha students were perfect ambassadors for the school making the most of the opportunity to see the sites of Vienna and make new friends, as well as giving their best in the competition.

We are delighted that their hard work in preparing for the competition brought great success: The Junior team of Ricardo Holmes, Timothy Kleiman and Arshia Farajollahi with coach Kerry Churchman achieved a respectable 21st place, with Arshia coming 7th overall in the individual competition.

The Senior team of Ekaterina Borisova, Jieyi Yang and Ablaikhan Tatishev with coach Jenny Turner did even better, winning the trophy for 3rd place! Ekaterina came 8th in the individual competition, and also came away with a third medal for her place in the winning Sunday Chase (mixed school) team.

We are very proud of their outstanding achievements!