Sotogrande Annual Maths Fun Day

Aloha College selected eleven students from Year 7, 8 and 9 to take part in Sotogrande International School’s annual Maths Fun Day. Working in mixed teams with students from four other International schools, they took part in a variety of maths challenges, some of which required both brains and brawn. They drew graffiti on pavements with geometric shapes, competed in strategy games and completed giant Sudoku puzzles.

The highlight was a team game that required building a raft to transport a fox, a chicken and some corn to the other side of a swimming pool. The raft could only take two items at a time and the fox could not be left with the chicken, or the chicken with the corn for obvious reasons. Total team work was required and most got very wet!

It was great to see students from different schools mixing and working together on these tasks so we will select a new group of lateral thinkers and problem solvers to take part in the Maths Fun Day challenges next year.

Sotogrande Maths Fun Day Sept 2013 002_cropped

Sotogrande Maths Fun Day Sept 2013 029

Sotogrande Maths Fun Day Sept 2013 032