Silver Adventurous Journey Expedition in Sierra de Las Nieves

Last week our intrepid Silver Duke of Edinburgh teams embarked on their second out-of-school training activity this year. 21 students from Y11 and Y12 spent 3 days and 2 nights taking part in their Adventurous Journey practice expedition in Sierra de Las Nieves National Park.

The adventurous journey is like nothing students have ever experienced before. It is a real adventure. Students plan their own routes (21 hours walking in total) and meals. They also carry everything they need including tents, stoves, food, etc so they can be completely self-sufficient over the 3 days. They are supervised remotely and met at points by our team of dedicated and experienced teachers. All students did a fantastic job, they had to learn to work as a team, navigate and walk long distances on tricky terrain with heavy bags! It was tough, and they were challenged both physically and mentally but we are so proud of everything they have achieved, how far they have come and the unique learning experiences we are able to offer our students at Aloha College Marbella.