Sad News

Pat Burnett was Deputy Headmaster and Principal of Aloha College from the late 80’s until 2001. His commitment to improving academic standards prepared the school well for the 21st century and enhanced Aloha’s reputation as a school with a strong ethos. Famous for his honesty, integrity, work ethos, intellect and personal concern for each and every pupil, Pat would not have been able to dedicate to Aloha College the hours that he did, without the inestimable support of his wife Sheila. Sadly, Sheila had a stroke some months ago and on Friday 9 December passed away. Those who knew her remember her elegance, her intelligence, her cheeky sense of humour and her patience with the continual demands made on her husband’s time by his school. From all of us who knew her, we extend to Pat Burnett our greatest condolences in his time of sorrow.