Residential Trip El Chorro Year 6

This year all of year 6 went on a residential trip to El Chorro, Camp site, in Malaga. Whilst we were there we went through a series of activities! We did many fun activities like: obstacle courses, orienteering, swimming, zip lining and more. We had our own cabins each containing 3-7 beds, one bathroom, and a small kitchen (which we were not allowed to use).The food was excellent which filled our stomachs; there was a different variety every day. The kitchen staff was very nice to us.The camp site was very big which included these following things: three cabin areas for school or campers, a bar, public toilets and a barbeque area.Overall it was a school trip to remember!! And we hope that next year (in the senior school) it will be even better!

Elchorro 1

Elchorro 2

Elchorro 3