Reception School Trips

Reception spent two lovely mornings out of school, one at Agro Jardin garden centre and the other at Nagueles park. We went on the school bus to the garden centre where we were able to plant a plant and learn about how to care for the many different types of plants and trees from all over the world.We looked at the different animals, puppies, rabbits, mice, hamsters, fish, birds and even a tarantula spider! We spoke with the vet about how to care for animals and we even got to wash and blow dry a little fluffy dog, which was lots of fun!We then had breakfast and played in the children’s play area before returning to school!At Nagueles park we went on the school bus again and played hide and seek in the forest. We were then put into teams where we went on a treasure hunt and we found lots of yummy edible treasure! We then had a delicious picnic in the park before returning on the school bus. We all enjoyed it so much that we can’t wait until the next school trip!

Nagueles 1

Nagueles 2

Nagueles 3