Primary School International Book Day

From Harry Potter to Alice in Wonderland; from Matilda to The Cat in the Hat with a few Grumps thrown in……Primary School’s celebration of World Book day was a riot of colour and literary diversity and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who took part!!  The day culminated in the now customary parade of costumes in the hall (an outdoor parade scuppered by the bad weather) where children and teachers alike showed off their book character costumes.

Year 5 read all things Dick King-Smith and enjoyed the film “Babe” to support the reading of “Sheep Pig”; Year 3 picked a specific genre and turned it upside down by doing “Alternative Fairy Tales” and Year 2 picked “The Farm” and read fiction and non-fiction books all about farms and farm animals and even went on a trip to see a small farm in action.

The collage of photographs outside the Primary School Library continues to grow and it is safe to say that some people really do read in the strangest of places!! Keep the photos coming in please…..
International Book Day-280314 (7) International Book Day-280314 (11)  International Book Day-280314 (17)