Primary Library Newsletter Summer 2021

This is the first of a termly newsletter bringing you news from the Aloha Primary Library!

At Aloha we recognise how critical reading is to a child’s success and we hope to foster a love of reading which will develop into a lifelong habit.

We aim to help every child find books that will spark excitement, link their reading to fun and curiosity, and to promote the joy that reading can bring.  

Research tells us:

  • When children choose their own books to read, versus having books assigned, they are five times more likely to read the whole book.
  • When a young child gets excited about a topic or a story, he can read four or five books in a single day.
  • An older reader can read several books in a week when she finds a character or a plot or a fact that connects to her life and expands her world. 
  • When children want to read, they drive their own learning, which can be many times more powerful than simply following along in a class assignment. 
  • When children read widely and often, they develop higher-order thinking skills and also develop a love for reading and learning. Reading helps them to feel more optimistic, and to see a world in which they can reach higher and achieve their dreams. 

We missed our comfy bean bags this last year but we still enjoyed our quiet time in the library!

Summer is for reading!

With a long summer holiday ahead here are some recommendations for books and other media links to keep every child happy all summer.

Looking back at the challenging year that we have all had, important themes have dominated the news and fuelled interesting and sometimes uncomfortable conversations with our children. During this time many wonderful books have been written to help our children understand what is going on in the world around them.

Please find below some links to excellent books on the themes of Mental health and Wellbeing, Anti-racism, and Sustainability and the Environment, as well as a few fun recommendations of new books to add to your child’s summer reading list. We hope you find them useful:


Books on Wellbeing 1

Books on Wellbeing 2


Books on Anti-racism


Books on Sustainability 1

Books on Sustainability 2

Books on Sustainability 3


Recommended new books by age


Don’t forget to encourage your children to read in Spanish as well as in English this summer, particularly for those that are learning Spanish as their second or third language. You can find  recommended Spanish books in this link:

Many of us may be taking road trips this summer rather than flying. On the journey, why not try listening to an audio book or podcast together as a family? There are many audiobooks, podcasts and other audio stories available online. You can download audiobooks onto your phone, tablet or computer either through subscription based apps such as Audible and Kobo or via an à la carte service such as Google Play or the iTunes store. You can even stream audiobooks on Spotify.! Many companies have free audiobooks for children – Audible has a good selection found here: Another recommended site for children’s audio books is LoveReading4kids 

If you love radio then try Fun Kids Radio! A children’s digital radio station from the UK. It’s great for all ages for listening in the car and when relaxing at home. Listen live or go to the website to explore podcasts, video games and books.

As an Eco school we encourage you to SHOP LOCAL and support your local bookshops! Most book shops will order books for you and I am sure they will appreciate the business after a very difficult year. We will be ordering this new book for some inspiration for the summer holidays!