Primary Choir supporting TRE Telethon – Monday 23 March

It is tradition for the Primary School Choir, led by our dedicated librarian Miss Alison Hignett, to perform live on Talk Radio Europe telethon in aid of CUDECA. It is an event that is always looked forward to with pleasure and excitement.

This year our performance was brought forward to Monday 23 March to enable all the choir to take part. The 23 children aged 8-11 sang two songs on The Lifestyles Show hosted by Selina Mackenzie. Firstly they sang “Firework” followed by “Best day of My Life” to enthusiastic applause and cheering both in the studio and back at school. The delight on the children faces was truly a sight to behold.

Florence and Andrea (Year 6) eloquently described our Aloha College Charity Fun Run on Friday to Selina.

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