Precious anecdotes from former Aloha College students

It’s not that long since they were Aloha College students. Some of them continue their way through University, others bring their children to school, or pass by to say ‘Hi’ every now and then. In any case, it makes us very happy to know that they are doing well. We love to share their memories with you because… we miss them!

Not long ago Jennifer Rocamora, Graduated in 2011, contacted us to ask for permission to include information about the school in one of their real estate promotions. She lives in Marbella now and works as the Head of Marketing at Homerun Brokers.

During our conversation, she mentioned that what she misses most from school is: “My group of friends and the amazing teachers. Many of them are still teaching!” – Here’s a beautiful anecdote that Jennifer shared with us: “I went to Aloha from 3 to 18 years and so did my older siblings so I could write a book about all the amazing memories I have. The school only had one building when I started, so it has changed a lot since. Most of the teachers have been there forever, so they really grew to be almost like family. I have to admit that Mr. Escobar, Don Fernando and Mr. Lopez were the best! 

I also made a really tight group of girl friends and 10 years after we all graduated, we are still best friends. Aloha College is super international, so you socialise with kids from all over the world and different backgrounds. This has made it a lot easier for me to live abroad, go to university in London, work there, and even move and work in Mexico City for 2 years. Thanks to the great network Aloha positions you in, I actually got my dream job in Mexico where I worked for Vogue Mexico and Latam. Also, all of us 7 girls that went to Aloha have different nationalities and many are currently living in different parts of the world. Last year one of them got married in Israel, so we made a girls trip out of it. Definitely a trip to remember!”

Some of you might remember Eric Lingens. He is an actor and lives in Austria. Eric graduated from Aloha College in 2006 and, in a brief email he told us that what he misses the most from Aloha is the teachers.

We received good news from Dasha Finikova, who graduated in 2019 and is now enrolled in Political Science (Amsterdam).

She misses “the workload and how Aloha felt like a little family. Being in Uni feels impersonal and you are left to your own devices… Hence, I miss just being carefree and not having adult responsibilities. I do miss my class, we were a great bunch!

Dasha says there’s loads of memories to remember, “but I think that most of my IB memories are to do with my Biology class that was taught by Mr. Davies. There were 6 of us in that class and the amounts of laughs and good times shared in that class is beyond me.”

Lucia Rodriguez is working as a Project manager Intern in Madrid. She graduated in 2017 and, in her words, she “misses absolutely everything; the teachers, my friends, the Christmas Bazaar, assemblies, graduation ceremonies (…) I remember going to MUN conferences and being asked if we came from Hawaii because of the name of the school 😂”

Patricia Van der Schans (The Netherlands) left the school in 1985. She found the time to send us a nice message with a funny memory: “When i started  at Aloha I could not speak or write English. One of my first days I said ‘sh**’ instead of ‘she’. This is because the students told me so and I believed them. The teacher at that moment did not like this and I had to leave the class to stand in the hallway to overthink…”, poor thing.

Kim Hogan (Dublin), makes a living as a Business Development Manager. Kim misses her friends, hockey practices, the international atmosphere of Aloha…

“I’m still best friends with the girls I was best friends with in school – we try to meet up a couple of times a year even though we all live all over the world.”

She graduated in 2008, here are some photos of her time at Aloha (2000-2008)Macarena Gomez-Salazar (Mallorca) graduated in 2008, she’s now an architect. What she misses the most from school is “the High level of education and preparation for life. When I was back at Aloha, I imagined myself as an architect designing buildings from an office. Now that I’ve been in the professional world for some years, I enjoy being at the site more than at the office, the constructive part of architecture. So right now I work surrounded by men, bricks and cranes, shouting and wearing a security helmet and working boots all around.”

Ben Roberts-Shaw, graduated in 2001, is an Operations Director in Software in Cheshire, UK. He told us he misses “the great people, both the students and staff were like family. There are too many funny stories, snow fights, pantomimes, fashion shows, school trips and making friends. Aloha is a great place to grow up and learn new things.”

Nicholas Matthew Dannenberg, graduated in 2018, is currently working in the gaming industry, and we also had news from David Peacock, who graduated in 1997. He is an airline pilot now and lives in Nice, France.

We hope you enjoyed reading these words from our Aloha Alumni as much as we did. You can always get in touch through our Alumni section. All the best wishes.