Pequemarathon Marbella Years 2 and 3

Year 2 and Year 3 recently participated in the “Pequemaratón” Sports Day organised by the Marbella Town Hall. Together with children from other local schools they enjoyed competing in a variety of fun circuits and made a splendid show of themselves, joining in everything and behaving superbly. They had a great day, and we congratulate them for their certificate and, most of all, for being good sports as always.

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Peque 2

Peque 3

Pequemarathon Marbella – Years 2 and 3

On Thursday 4 November Year 2 and Year 3 went to Marbella’s Stadium to take part in the Pequemarathon.They all had a fantastic time, taking part in various team games, like mini football, tug of war, sack races, relay races and many more. They also had their faces painted like pirates! They returned to school tired and happy, and totally ready for their lunch which they enjoyed outdoors in the school gardens.


Peque 1