Dear Parents,


The school continues to be thriving with happy pupils and some outstanding teaching and learning.

We persist in encouraging pupils to consider all aspects of their learning and to apply justice and respect in all their dealings with one another, using opportunities to challenge inappropriate “banter”, “put-downs” and unfair assumptions.

As a school we look after the wellbeing of your children, and staff regularly receive professional development to ensure they increase their skills in this area as well as in all academic areas.


I am currently spending some time meeting all our new pupils, who are a joy to listen to when they tell me all about the new friends they are making, how they love their teachers and, for many, their new life in Spain.  One Year 7 pupil told me that he wouldn’t change anything about this school!


Parents, I continue to stress the importance of a good home-school partnership.  Any issues that you are concerned about, please let us know.

It was a pleasure to see so many Primary parents at the first consultation meeting on Monday.  The feedback was extremely positive.


At the tournament last Wednesday at Las Lagunas, the Aloha U19 boys were outstanding, showing great commitment and grit throughout the tournament as they remained undefeated. The team had the tougher group but managed to win all their group games, 1-0, 1-0, 2-0 and 3-0: not a single goal conceded! They smoothed their way past the quarter finals with a 3-0 win over Atalaya. Then, facing a tough BIC squad in the Semis, a 1-0 lead was found late in the game which they had held onto, to make it through the finals. The final was against rivals Sotogrande, which the boys had previously beaten in the Portugal tournament last year, also in a final. After an intense goalless game, it came to penalties, where they won 5-4, with James Navagh’s winning save securing the win and the tournament. It was a full-blown team effort where they implemented the constant work in training, led by their coach Steven Toal, who was of great support and guidance throughout their entire journey.

Account written by player Ali Elbasir, of Year 13, who commented “there is so much to say as it was another great day for Aloha”.

This was the first competition the U19 girls team have played together and what a fantastic debut it was! In the group stages they were undefeated beating both Swans 2-0 and the British College 3-0, with a 0-0 draw against the Swedish school. This took them through to the quarter finals where they were drawn against Laude, beating them 3-0. The girls went through to the semi-final up against the British College again, going 1-0 up in the first 5 minutes. Unfortunately, a late goal meant it finished 1-1 resulting in sudden death penalties which we were very unlucky to lose by 1 goal. Scoring 10 goals overall and only conceding 1 throughout the whole tournament shows what potential this squad has and we look forward to next competition. “Most valuable player” was awarded to Carlota Scariolo for her efforts in defence and “Player of the tournament” to Sofia Elgaily for being the top goal scorer.


The whole school has been celebrating International Poetry Day by writing about what parts of themselves they most like.  Aurelia Howard in 2ARS was inspired to write a poem about how there is no-one else quite like her.  Please enjoy it here. I am very very impressed, Aurelia, well done!


I am thrilled to inform you that Miss Liane Dry, PE teacher in the Secondary school,  gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, baby girl – welcome, Lucia!

Please note that the next Newsletter will be on Saturday 20 October.  Enjoy your holiday on Friday – school will be closed for the “Dia de la Hispanidad”.

Yours sincerely,



Elizabeth Batchelor



Dear Parents,

Thank you for the positive feedback and comments from our first Parents’ Evening last Monday, organised via the new platform ‘Meet the Teacher‘. The benefits of a strong home-school partnership for your children’s education cannot be overestimated. If you missed the meeting please contact your child’s classteacher via the homework diary or email and he/she will respond with a quick update on how your child has settled into his/her new class.

The development of Digital Literacy Skills are an essential part of your children’s education and therefore digital learning is continuing to take place in all areas of the curriculum. This week children have been exploring the meaning of Digital Literacy in sessions led by the Primary School’s newly appointed Digital Learning specialist Ms Ralitsa. Shortly, as the children begin the themed units to help them learn about online safety (Gooseberry Planet), you will be receiving information and practical advice as to how you can help at home).

Finally, a little reminder: children below Y4 should not be dropped off unaccompanied on the ramp and all children arriving before 8:45 h should always go to the breakfast club. This is in the interests of the safety of your children – we are grateful for your support.

Next week’s target: COOPERATION
Talk Homework: Yesterday was World Smile Day. What makes you smile, when do you smile the most? As it was also International Teacher’s Day, What makes your teacher smile.

Yours sincerely,

Kathryn Salmon

Headteacher, Primary


Dear Parents,

I was delighted when Mr Heath proposed we celebrate International Poetry Day at Aloha College. Teachers, in their mother tongue, recited their favourite poem to students on Thursday. Poetry is the best way to understand how language works!

Coincidentally last week, in my Theory of Knowledge lesson, we talked about this topic, in particular, the characteristics of mathematical language. We all agree that there is nothing more influential and powerful than words.

We can benefit greatly from poetry, either writing or reading. It allows our minds to reflect, wonder and imagine. It also offers us a moment to pause and think about the world around us. Poetry can bring us closer to an understanding of history. There are plenty of poems written during the 1st World War which describe the conditions of those on the battlefields.

Here’s one of my favourite poems by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer:

What is poetry?, you ask as you fix

your blue eyes on mine.

What is poetry? And you ask this of me?

Poetry… is you.

Yours sincerely,



Francisco Escobar

Headteacher, Secondary