Dear Parents,

I hope your Easter break was enjoyable with your families and you are all ready for the summer term.

It has been a short week but nevertheless a busy one. IGCSE and Year 13 Public Exams have started so we wish all our pupils every success. I hope all the holiday revision will help them get through without feeling too much pressure.

The majority of this week’s newsletter is about thanking you for your generosity for our recent charity events. The overall sum of money raised for our Alumni charity Healthy Minds was € 1,671.03. Chris Knaup, our ex-pupil who ran in the famous London Marathon on Sunday , successfully completed the gruelling course. He was overwhelmed by your generosity.

The support of yesterday’s charity Fundación Aladina (children with cancer) brought fun and laughter as staff and pupils paraded in silly hats or funny wigs.

Of course, the true meaning of the day was not forgotten as two of our pupils have recently undergone chemotherapy for cancer. The money raised to date is € 1,544.94 . Thank you for your generosity once again.

On the very day of this event we received news from Ramsey’s mom to say that his most recent tests have said he is leukemia-free. Please continue to keep him in your thoughts.


Congratulations to Shaun Davies (Secondary Business teacher) who completed the gruelling Iron Man event in Marbella during the Easter Vacation. Fantastic strength and determination were displayed.


Tomorrow 11  of our Primary Pupils will celebrate their First Holy Communion. We hope they have a wonderful day with their families. Thank you, Miss Emma, for preparing the children.

I wish you and your families a lovely weekend.

Your sincerely

Elizabeth Batchelor



Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the Summer Term. I’m pleased to see the children looking very smart in their Summer uniform. As the weather is getting warmer we recommend sunscreen and a blue cap for outside playtimes, activities and trips.

This week the Parents’ Evenings were once again very well attended and the feedback positive. Thank you to all who could attend.

On Thursday selected Primary School children from Years 5 and 6 competed in the annual Inter-schools Athletics Competition organised by St. Anthony’s School and achieved a well-earned  2nd place with great performances in all disciplines. Well done!

Cambridge YLE Exams

Good luck to the children sitting their Cambridge YLE Exam on Wednesday 8 May in school. Don’t forget all children MUST bring their ID card or passport in the morning as this is a requirement for these official exams. The last YLE lesson was Thursday 2 May. Children can join another after-school club for the remainder of the term.

Friday was very colourful and a little silly as we all wore wigs and silly hats for a charity day to support Fundación Aladina, recommended by Aloha Pupils. All jokes aside, the charity chosen reminds us all that through smiles there may be sadness, heartbreak, relief and hope. In this case it is our aim to provide support for children diagnosed with cancer. Thank you everyone for your care and donations.

Your sincerely

Kathryn Salmon

Headteacher, Primary


Dear Parents,

Just a few days after the summer term has started, I have already heard comments such as: “I can’t wait for the summer break”. Are we already thinking about the next holidays?

It would be no surprise if those comments came from students who, at the moment, are in the middle of external examinations. I am afraid; however, it is not only during examination periods or times of hardship that we tend not to enjoy today but yearn for tomorrow. I have recently read two examples that demonstrate this concept.

Take Monday, for example; the first day of the week and we are already looking forward to Friday. The same thing happens with Tuesday or Wednesday, we do not enjoy them because there is still a long way to go before the weekend. Everything starts to be more positive on Thursdays, but we are still impatient for Friday’s arrival. When Friday finally comes, we’re exhausted after a long and hard week. Saturday only reminds us that tomorrow is Sunday, the least popular day of the week because we know that in a few hours routine kicks in again.

Similarly, we experience the same with the four seasons. We miss autumn because it is too hot in the summer. This time of year is not cold enough and what we really want is for winter to arrive so that we can sit by the fireplace. Tired of low temperatures, constant rain and darkness, we need the light that spring brings.

Our lives become focused on what happens next as opposed to enjoying the present. We value our past and future greatly without paying enough attention to what is happening right now. We look at the beginning and end of the road without enjoying the journey. This does not mean that the past and future do not play a fundamental role in our lives. The past teaches how to learn from mistakes and the future helps us to set goals.

When former students come to visit us, they tell us how much they miss Aloha College. They also say that when they were at the school, they couldn’t wait to finish but now wish they could start again in Year 7 to enjoy every moment without worrying too much about what would come next.

As Christopher Paolini said: “Live the present, remember the past and don’t be afraid of the future” .

I hope you have a good weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Francisco Escobar

Headteacher, Secondary