Dear Parents,

Thank you for some good feedback on our newsletters, this spurs us on and is a good way to help us continue to improve.


I was working quietly in my office when the U13 girls’ football team burst through the door. And why?

Because they are Costa Del Sol Champions!

The girls were undefeated on their route to the final and beat BIC 3-0 to claim yet another trophy for Aloha, maintaining a 100% record of victories for the school in all competitions this year.

Even more pleasing however was the effort and behaviour of all of our players throughout the entire day:  they worked extremely hard and showed total respect for the opposition and the referees.

Well done to a very proud PE team!


Our annual Summer School will take place from 8 to 26 July. Please enrol your children if you wish – we aim to introduce quite a few creative initiatives into Summer School 2019, so watch this space!


If any parent thinks there is even a possibility their child may not return to Aloha College in September, could they please contact the Registrar, Mrs Susan Robson de Morales.


In all international schools, teachers come and go annually. Aloha teachers also leave us, either to return to the UK or to move further afield for a new challenge. I am currently busily recruiting staff for next academic year.

It is very rewarding when, despite a teacher shortage, excellent teachers are still attracted to teach at our prestigious college.

What has been interesting is why they want to come to Aloha College: a key factor is that the college is a charitable trust, a Foundation.  Teachers want to see that the fees you the parents pay are invested back into the school and enhance the teaching and learning by providing excellent resources and facilities. I spend a great deal of interview time talking about your children: good teachers want to teach, they don’t want to waste their time having to discipline ill-mannered children. I clearly tell all candidates your children are the best! And I will continue to be very busy trying to ensure we recruit only the best for them.

Excellent teachers also want to be kept up to date with in-service training and as you are aware, we as a college place great emphasis on keeping all our staff up to date.


Anaïs Delaire, teacher of French in Secondary, returned to school last week after completing her maternity leave.  We hope she didn’t miss baby Javier too much!


Our next Charity Day will be on 4 April.  The cause was proposed to us by an alumnus, Christian Knaup, – it supports young people with mental health issues.   More details will follow in my next newsletter.


It is good to see some excellent results coming in from our football teams, who play most weekends, including a 6:2 win for the Benjamin team against Vazquez Cultural last Friday. Well done to all our players and coaches.


It’s the same story with our basketball teams; they have had some superb results. Last Sunday our girls’ team played in the NBA Junior League – look at their skills.

Have a lovely weekend with your families.

Your sincerely,



Elizabeth Batchelor



Dear Parents,

Well done to Year 4 on Monday who reminded parents and children alike the true meaning of the three R’s:  REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE and of the disastrous consequences for our seas and wildlife if we don’t. We have always been proud to call our Earth “The Blue Planet” because of its beauty and rich seas and oceans. I remember being in Primary School myself as a child learning about the damage humans are inflicting on plants and wildlife through thoughtlessness. How sad is it then that decades later and generations of children later, the message is the same but sadly the damage has increased. Congratulations again Year 4 for reminding us of what WE can all do to help. If you missed the assembly click here for a taste of the children’s powerful message.

Primary Eco Committee  – Children have been really busy making birdhouses which provide a safe place for birds to build their nests, protected from the elements and predators. We will be placing them in trees around the school and also some will go home to be kept in the children’s gardens. We have also been busy thinking of ways to reuse old clothing. In an effort to prevent unnecessary plastic pollution, the children have been making bags out of old t-shirts to use when shopping.

Talk Homework:
What sort of things can you reduce, reuse and recycle at home?

Your sincerely

Kathryn Salmon

Headteacher, Primary


Dear Parents,

Before I could even walk, my father had decided that I was going to love football. Already, he had chosen my boots as well as the club I was going to train at every week. It was obvious to him: I was a boy and he loved football. That was the end of the matter. This was the first time a decision was made for me.

“I guess I want to be a lawyer”, said a Year 11 student when I asked what plans he had for the future. Three things sprang to my mind at that instant: this student doesn’t like reading, doesn’t study History or Literature (key subjects to study a degree in law) and does not show any interest in activities such as MUN or the debating club.

“Why do you want to be a lawyer”, I asked. “Because my parents think it’s a good job.”

Following our parents’ footsteps is not unusual. There are well-known examples in the areas of sport, music and even politics. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

From my point of view, the problem starts when parents decide their child’s future from a very early age. This week, I was reading an article on a recent case in the United States in which parents paid astronomical sums to elite universities’ admission tutors in order to guarantee a place for their children at these institutions.

Our role is simply to advise, support and guide. It must be children who decide.

All in all, my father’s decision about my involvement in football was not so bad. I learned to be part of a team and respect different viewpoints but, above all, I enjoyed the many benefits of physical exercise.  However, it was me who made the decision to become a Mathematics teacher, despite the fact that my father would have loved to have another Messi at home.

Yours sincerely,



Francisco Escobar

Headteacher, Secondary