Dear parents

I cannot believe this is my last newsletter for this academic year. The year has flown and brought many successes. Your children are led by two great Head Teachers, Mrs Salmon and Mr Escobar. I thank them both. Thank you to all our committed teachers, they will soon enjoy a well-earned rest.

Welcome back

I am delighted to welcome back Angeles, my special cleaner who was involved in a terrible traffic accident when her car was hit by a drunk driver. Angeles and her husband were seriously injured and have both battled their way back to good health. We welcome you back with open arms.

Thank you to dearest Charo who replaced Angeles during her absence. You have done a wonderful job trying to find my desk underneath papers and then polishing it so much it could be used as a mirror.


Thank you to dearest Charo who replaced Angeles during her absence. You have done a wonderful job trying to find my desk underneath papers and then polishing it so much it could be used as a mirror.

My warmest thanks to these two great ladies.

To conclude this academic year

I would like to thank you, the parents, for supporting me and my team throughout the school year. You are an amazing, appreciative group of people. Thank you for sending us your beautiful children to be educated. It is an honour to be their Principal and to do a job that I love. Enjoy your summer vacation and I look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 3 September.

Educational Trips

School will be much quieter next week as students from Year 7-10 visit the sights of Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla and Madrid. This experience of the wider world and of living with teachers and classmates in a residential community contributes significantly to their personal development. And, apart from that, we hope they have a fabulous time! We know their behaviour will be exemplary and we thank staff for their commitment to their pupils’ education outside school.

Thank you to all the parents who sent positive emails regarding “no mobiles”.

Yours sincerely

Principal, Aloha College


Dear parents

It is with great pride, yet disbelief, that I am now writing my last newsletter of this academic year, and what a busy and successful year it has been. Firstly, I am still feeling proud and emotional for our Team Year 6 pupils and parents, following yesterday’s outstanding Graduation Assembly and party. A huge thank you to Mr Smith, Miss Aspden, Miss Thorne and Miss Agostina for organising these. It is always a day of mixed emotions for all Primary School staff, many of whom remember these children from as young as 3 years old. We look forward to their formal Graduation at next Friday’s whole college Graduation and Awards Ceremony.

As you may have read in last week’s Secondary newsletter many of our pupils are concerned about man’s impact on the Planet. The Primary Eco Committee led by Miss Helen and Miss Frankie have asked me to remind all our pupils that they can be involved too. They have been meeting regularly to discuss pupils’ ideas and have been deciding what actions we can take. Thank you to:
Kaia C. 5ITA, Anna E. 6LTH, Paola G. 6PSM, Lara B 6WA, Anya Z. 6WA,
Antonina J. 6PSM, Arina R. 5MAS, Thomas N. 5HK, Sofia K. 5HK and
Alejandra A. 4KHI.

Sadly, as the end of the year approaches, we need to say goodbye to some outstanding staff. Miss Helen Kirkland who has been at Aloha for 29 years, is hoping to enjoy her retirement at last. Helen, the original eco-warrior, has inspired hundreds of pupils through the years to respect and care for our beautiful planet. Miss Deegan and Miss Lisa are returning to the UK to
embark upon exciting new challenging career changes. Miss Georgina is also returning to the UK to be with her family. I thank all of the above for their dedication during this time at Aloha and wish them every success for the future. Miss Emily who recently gave birth to her beautiful boy Tiago and Miss Hill, due to give birth at any moment, will be returning later in the year.

I am delighted and excited to have appointed new staff who are already preparing to join us in September. We shall send your child’s future
teacher’s name in the normal communication in August.

Finally, I look forward to seeing you all next week in our end of year
Assembly on Thursday and KS2 parents and children at the Graduation and Awards Ceremony on Friday. In the meantime a sincere thank you for all your support and contributions towards Aloha Primary’s unique and very special ethos.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Kathy Salmon
Headteacher, Primary School


Dear Parents

I can still remember vividly the feeling on the first day of the  summer holidays. That moment when the last bell rings and the realisation that the alarm clock no longer needs to be set for the next eight weeks. I am sure you and your children are eagerly waiting for this moment!

Our students have worked hard throughout the year and now it’s time to rest. The question is: what do we do during this long    holiday period? While many associate summer holidays with doing  nothing, really this couldn’t be further from the truth!

The other day when talking to Ms McGirl about the importance of rest as the theme for this week’s newsletter, she told me that, when teaching about the nervous system, she reminds her      students how well-adapted and clever our body is when it needs to rest. Why can’t we train our brain to do the same?

We live in a society where we are constantly on the go! Too often we neglect giving our brains and body time off. The importance of rest cannot be emphasised enough because knowing how to relax and disconnect has so many advantages.

Being relaxed and disconnected will increase both mental and physical energy, improve mood and attitude and increase        concentration. A rested brain can significantly increase our level of creativity. This is the prime time to think and construct new ideas without the distraction of everyday pressures such as homework, meeting deadlines and exam stress.

A restful summer will ensure a real positive start to the new academic year when we return in September. We will return feeling energised, and focused on our goals, allowing our performance to reach its peak.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers of the secondary school for their continued support, dedication and care. I also want to wish the very best of luck and thank you to the teachers who will not be with us next year: Julia Armstrong, Amy Ladds, Kirsty Simpkins, Richard Baker, Robert Elliott, Karol      Zaduban and Duncan Falconer.

I hope you have a wonderful summer holiday.

Yours sincerely

Francisco Escobar
Headteacher, Secondary School