Dear Parents,

It is difficult to believe your children will only attend school for three more working days before your Christmas festivities begin.

For those who attended one or two of the concerts you will agree with me that the standard of all of them was quite outstanding.

Starting with our Foundation Stage who sang and danced in their Christmas story entitled “The Greatest Snowman!” We all had a tear in our eyes, they were so adorable.

The KS1 Concert on Thursday called “’Twas the Night before Christmas” was another great success. Congratulations to all the pupils.


The final Primary Concert performed by KS2 pupils was an action-packed, colourful array of bright costumes, singing and dancing. To organise 238 pupils into one successful concert requires creativity, skill and a lot of patience. The pupils were incredible.

Thank you to all the hardworking staff and you the parents for providing the costumes.

The Secondary school offered us a very emotional evening of instrumental and singing talent on Thursday. From the choir to the string and woodwind groups, from the individual guitar and violin players to our singers, every part of it was excellent. Again, thank you to all staff involved in making this a wonderful way to start the winter holiday season.

Pupils’ Raffle

We held a lovely assembly to present the pupils with raffle prizes, for those who generously brought in donations for the bazaar.

My managers and I will enjoy Christmas lunch with 4 lucky winners and their chosen friends! The pupils are so excited!

Christmas Raffle Prizes

There are still some unclaimed prizes waiting for collection – please check carefully your tickets and the list we sent out.  If you are a lucky prizewinner, please collect the article before Wednesday preferably and, if that is not possible, by the deadline of Friday 10 January.  


This is our last newsletter of this year so I would like to take the opportunity to ask you to take a few minutes to fill in our survey, just to tell us how you feel about how things are going in our wonderful school. Your valuable feedback is always appreciated. I thank you in advance for your cooperation on this.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for your support, kind words and for your lovely children.

Enjoy a wonderful, peaceful Christmas with your families wherever you are in the world.

From myself and the Management Team – Happy Christmas and a successful New Year.

Mrs Batchelor, Mr Escobar, Mrs Salmon, Mr Ranea.

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth Batchelor