Dear Parents,

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The last newsletter of this term! By now you will have received your child’s school report. I hope you are happy with its contents. With our tough policy on pupil attendance you will have received some comment if your child is falling below expectations. If this is the case please help to improve this next term.

What a very busy but successful term it’s been. As you are aware we have launched our school Twitter account, so next term, as well as your newsletter, you should be receiving more instant up-to-date news.


Our fantastic rhythmic gymnast Alessandra Tertychna, Year 9, has been chosen to represent Lebanon in July in a world championship with 160 countries competing in Moscow. Alessandra does 5 hours training a day, but her self-discipline is such that she always keeps up with her school work.


Wow – lovely news this week regarding our Basketball teams – enjoy this report from Julián.

Aloha College beat Colegio Atalaya school in the NBA Jr competition. Aloha dominated in all aspects of the match: our team had a very clear game plan, they were prepared for the challenge and their performance was excellent.

On the first game, we won by two points, where player number 4 of Atalaya gave us serious problems. This month we have been preparing the match against Atalaya, focusing on how to defend against their key players. In today’s game, player number 4 scored just 2 points, thanks to the defence of Claudia and Georgie. In attack, we were coordinated, always looking for the open player and driving with energy towards the basket.

We would like to highlight our starting five:  Adriana, Claudia, Panna, Georgie, and Willow.

Adriana is developing as the team’s playmaker, assisting her teammates and scoring the difficult shots. She has a champion’s mentality and everything she does makes the team better. 

Claudia and Georgie are excellent defenders and have very clear ideas in attack; the work of these players goes unnoticed but it is the one that allows their teammates to shine. Every time that Panna steals a pass it’s due to the intense pressure of Claudia, every rebound that Willow gets is due to Georgie boxing out the other team.

Panna and Willow are the two highest scorers and our principal values in defence. 

Willow is strong, tall and fast. This year she has learned to use her physical superiority to dominate the zone, both in attack and defence.

Finally, we have Panna, the combination of talent and effort make her the star of the team, all of her teammates always want to play with her. The first game against Atalaya was won by two points, without Panna. Yesterday we won by 30, with Panna.

Well done ACBC, keep it going!


Thank you to all of you who supported our alumni charity, proposed by Chris Knaup . The money raised to date was €1,386.15, but we were hoping to round up the figures to € 1.600,00. If you feel generous as you read this letter please submit a note to reception and give your 2€. Good luck, Chris, in the marathon on the 28 April. I will be supporting you from my lounge sofa!


For those who attended I hope you enjoyed the Music and Art display as much as I. Congratulations to Miss Longdon and her department, we thank you.

YEAR 11 & YEAR 13

We wish you every success with your final revision programme.

Look who passed my window today – it’s Don David on his way back from the wonderful Primary Easter parade.

Have a lovely Easter break with your wonderful families.  We look forward to seeing you all back again on Monday 29 April.

Your sincerely

Elizabeth Batchelor



Dear Parents,

Thankfully the rain held off on Monday for our Charity Run in aid of “Healthy Minds”. There were certainly a lot of determined, healthy bodies as each year group completed their races. A special congratulation to Year 5 and Year 6 who showed real willpower to complete our Primary Mini Marathon around the school campus. Thank you everyone for your contribution and don’t forget to cheer on our alumni Chris Knaup he races in the London Marathon in a special Aloha T-shirt on Sunday 28 April.

Book Week

Book week was a huge success with the children showing a real love of book,  and the quizzes including, the Book Trail Quiz really enthused both children and staff.

Easter Parade

This week’s Grand Finale was, of course, a very colourful Easter Parade with a fantastic array of bonnets and book characters costumes.

I wish you all a lovely holiday and I’ll see you on Monday 29 April, on time before 9:00 h.

PE Inter House Easter Challenges

1st – Córdoba 771 points
2nd – Sevilla 748 points
3rd – Granada 740 points

Your sincerely

Kathryn Salmon

Headteacher, Primary


Dear Parents,

Exactly a week ago, our school was full of young, talented youngsters who came from all over the world to participate in the ISMTF Mathematics competition.

Seven pupils from Aloha were selected for this competition (Iker Yang, Álvaro Sánchez Valenzuela, Martin Brun, Adrian Ogrzwalski, Pablo Benet, Sofía Elgaily y Marco Santaella Mihok). They had to train hard and face different mathematical challenges that required critical and problem-solving skills.

The ISMTF organisation was founded in Vienna in 1993 and today encompasses around 70 international schools from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The key to the success of this event has clearly been teamwork.  From the moment the Mathematics Department agreed to host the competition this year, the complex machinery of this wonderful event was set in motion. There were countless details which, after much dedication and planning, and as if we were putting a jigsaw together, shaped each of the scheduled activities. Both students and teachers who travelled from Cairo, Morocco, India, Russia and all over Europe enjoyed this experience.

This underlines the saying:‘Unity means strength’. With teamwork, you combine the skills of each person to produce a well-oiled machine. This union did not only come from the maths department. It was the administration, maintenance, volunteer staff, students and management who made this challenge such a success.

We are proud to belong to the Aloha College community, which faces each new challenge with professionalism, commitment and enthusiasm.

We are grateful for all the positive feedback received from visitors. We are delighted to know that they enjoyed such an enriching experience and felt at home.

We have created new links with other international schools and reinforced existing ones within our community. We can, together, continue to achieve whatever we set out to do.

Once again, many thanks and sincere congratulations to all.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy holiday.

Yours sincerely,

Francisco Escobar

Headteacher, Secondary