Parent Newsletter 1 May

Dear parents,

A shortened, combined newsletter this week for you to enjoy a day earlier as we celebrate Labour Day on 1 May.

At the risk of repeating myself, which I know I am, I thank you for supporting your children in our final term’s new online programmes. Some of the work being submitted is quite outstanding.

From the wonderful mural of sisters Anya (Year 8) and Zaya (Year 5) Zavery.  


To Victoria Moore’s idea (Year 2). She has been so kind in considering that the birds might be more hungry than usual in this lockdown period so she has made them a special bird feeder. 


And the poem from Aurelia Howard in Year 3, which shows she knows all about metaphors and similes. 


Thank you, children, for making my online learning so pleasant.

As you are all aware, there was a national announcement made on Tuesday evening regarding the lockdown period.  

The Board of Trustees and management of the school are currently analysing this carefully to formulate a whole-school plan. Once this is completely finalised we will share it with you.  

Now, enjoy Mrs Salmon letting you know about Stars of the Week and Mr Escobar sharing with you some lovely feedback and projects of his Secondary pupils.

On behalf of all of us we hope you enjoyed your day off, and have a lovely weekend with your families.



Dear Parents,

In my Monday morning message (find my video message here) I asked the Primary children to try hard to go ‘above and beyond’ in their learning this week. This means really trying that extra bit harder, to think about their learning and how they can improve it. Needless to say “the best Primary School children in the whole wide world” have not disappointed. 

We have been overwhelmed with all the outstanding work sent in and so congratulations to the following
Stars of the Week because your efforts were truly amazing!

NSCCU Luca Knezovich, NSERI Aurora Toal García
RCEMA Daniel Esteban Roldán, RCJST Liam El Nakib
1KED Aleksandar Malavé Praizovic, 1MTI Elija Sidorovic, 1LHO William Carrol
2LT Hayden O’ Driscoll, 2ARS Leyla Kipcak, 2FFO Sara Alonso García  
3EK Aitor Cordón López, 3JCH Julia Bendefa, 3ESE Aurelia Howard
4ITA Dina Gzouli, 4ES Vera Luna Cara, 4SJD Carlos Gutiérrez Coelho     
5MAS Harry Campbell, 5ASH Beatriz Salvador Chávez, 5BWA Yasmeen Ojjeh
6PSM Gennaro D’Aria, 6WA Jimena Aguilar del Río, 6CST Sophia Achabbak

Srta Encarnita: NS Fernando Lezama Leguizamon Fernández De Villavicencio, RC Alma Ortiz, Y1 Qilu Chen Zhang, Y2 Adriana Akhmedova, Y3 Smilla Andersson
Srta Rosa: NS Thalia Boujnah, RC Sofia Ben Larbi Doncel-Moriano, Y1 Taisiia Krivitskaia, Y2 Maria Bliznyuk, Y3 Lily Holden
Don David: Y2 David Lesko-Nuttal, Y3 Raz Chervinka, Y4 Diego Veit Urbano
Srta Laura: Y2 Leyla Kipcak, Y3 Indiana Leader, Y4 Luca Leader
Srta Antoinette: Y4 Rafael Tye, Y5 Nellija Sjöberg, Y6 Georgie Verinder
Srta Sylvia: Y4 Honey Holmes, Y5 Kai Santegoeds, Y6 Freddie Sharp
Srta Ana: Y5 Yohan Le Carvennec, Y6 Adriana Coltorti López
Don Diego: Y5 Jimena García Vidal, Y6 Claudia Hormigo Delgado

PE AWARD CERTIFICATES – For outstanding commitment to homeschool PE
Savannah Rodoni 6CST, James Robb 3EK, Emma Robb 1KED and Ahmed Essaid Ben-Yaiche RCJST

2FFO Isabella Spain – She goes above and beyond with her tasks, always stretching herself and rising to the challenges set. Isabella demonstrates an excellent attitude towards home learning. Miss Fiona is very proud of her!

House points
Granada 816
Cordoba 729
Sevilla 599


Aloha Value – RESILIENCE                              
Personal Goal – ADAPTABILITY



Dear Parents,

This week, I would like to share with you some of the English work our Year 11 and Year 7 have been doing with Ms Williams.

Year 11 Reflections

At the start of year 10, Ms Williams asked students to write a letter explaining their thoughts on English. Comments were varied; some said they enjoyed English, while others said they found it boring and hated reading. 

At the news exams were cancelled, many students felt like perhaps all their efforts had been for nothing though. Ms Williams therefore asked them to write a second reflection, at the end of the course, summarising how they feel about what they have gained during this time and through studying the course. Here are a selected few reflections from some students:


I have learned a lot during this two-year course and it has changed me as a person. Even though our class is very noisy we have a lot of character within our group, the experiences and developments we have overcome and learnt in is phenomenal… Our classes have always been very fun and everyone has always been positive and I want to thank you (teachers) for the amount of effort you have put in over these past two years in order to make our classes fun and efficient. I feel like people in class sometimes do not appreciate the amount of effort teachers put in to make the classes engaging.

– Melika Shafiypour


First of all, I think that I have improved a substantial amount in these 2 years, even though I joined our beloved class a bit late at the start. I have enjoyed every single second of the time I have spent learning and developing my language and literary skills. In my opinion I have learned from my mistakes and tried my best in improving my spelling and I’ll admit it is still quite dreadful, but I want to believe that I am getting better little by little. At the start of this course I found it quite challenging and I thought I was not going to be able to do it but thanks to your help and support I got the hang of things and started getting hope that I could actually do it.

– Rayan Abouelala


During these hard two years of our IGCSE course, I can see that I have come a long way from where I began. I have learnt many useful new skills, from being able to analyse a poem, to reading out a personal answer to an entire class full of students. This was something that I never thought I would be able to do, but look at me now. I am also now able to compose a full essay, and I have learnt how to improve essays I have done in the past…I can’t believe this class is almost over! I am happy that I learned numerous concepts that have helped me improve my writing…As a young student we first learned the alphabet, then time passed and we turned those letters into sentences, then to paragraphs, and now finally to essays.

– Leah Mason


Year 7 Photo Essays

By Armani Danckaers Nasr 

For this essay I chose to focus on a project I’ve been working on, the stone floor in my garden. This may be  a bit unusual because other people might be writing about things like baking cakes or their pets but I chose this project as it has made me think we can do more than we think and people don’t realise.  

Creating this has been such a lovely thing and I am really motivated to do it each day a little bit. After doing my school work online I go and do it with my mum, grandma and my dad. We collect all the stones from the river next to my house. It started with a little bit and now it’s nearly finished; each day it grows more and more and I’m so passionate about it. It’s still not finished but I can’t wait to see it when it’s done. We even do some when it’s raining because it’s so much fun but it can be really hard. If I can’t find the right stone I would  have to go and find a stone by the river or look for one around my garden. That’s annoying but everyday it grows bigger and bigger. It’s such a puzzle!

When it’s finally finished my grandma and I were thinking  we could put a little flower in the cracks of  the  stones so it would grow and it would feel like a magical fairy garden; well that’s what I hope! This is my motivation during quarantine!

By Sander Reinhard

Since quarantine I have been extremely bored so one day I decided to bake. First I had to decide on what cake to bake and the first thing that popped in my head was carrot cake.

At first I didn’t know what I was doing but eventually I got the hang of it. I was surprised as to how many different ingredients went into this masterpiece. There were some challenging parts throughout making this cake. The hardest part was to blend the mixture, because it would fly everywhere. My favourite part was cutting the walnuts because it was really satisfying. Before putting it in the oven I thought it looked disgusting but I had hope.

After forty minutes of waiting, the cake was done! When I first tried the cake I was in shock. The cake was AMAZING. I couldn’t stop eating it. 

Because this cake was a great success, I have been baking two or three times a week and my cakes are getting more and more delicious. So since the start of lockdown I can say with confidence that i have learned many new skills.