Our Recent Secondary School Book Week

An active and rewarding week of activities and competitions focused on literature and reading

The emphasis this year was very much on shared reading – the now traditional activities such as poetry recitals and dramatisations of works read in class along with reading to Primary School children were increased to include house challenges, such as creating a video of a scene from a book (yr 7), creating a newspaper featuring a book (yr 8) and a video promoting a book (yr 10). Students of all ages relished showing off their creative and interpretative skills; the end results were excellent.

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Departments across the Senior School embarked on a variety of reading related activities – in Maths students worked out reading ages of different texts as well as investigating code breaking and making; science students wrote stories and found out more about the great science writers and the wealth of resources in our library, while the librarian herself organised a Book Rally for KS3 students and set up the popular House Quiz for assembly, won once again by Sevilla.

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The focal point was a “Literatree” to which students and staff were encouraged to contribute “leaves” – each one giving an opinion of a book they had read or are reading. Different departments had different coloured leaves and by the end of the week the tree had “blossomed” in a variety of colours to symbolise the importance that books and reading still has in our digital age.

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