Music at Aloha College Marbella music lessons serves as a means to develop musical skills, foster creativity, enhance cognitive abilities, and promote overall well-being, with benefits extending to various facets of an individual's life.

Outside of lessons

Students are encouraged to dive into the world of music with our exciting extracurricular music clubs, offering a supportive and creative environment for aspiring musicians. Our School Production Ensemble, Pop Band, and Singing Ensembles provide unique opportunities for students to engage in enriching musical experiences.

Each academic year, a new school band is formed, uniting singers, guitarists, pianists, and percussionists to create a dynamic ensemble that plays a key role in enhancing our annual school productions with live performances. Our training Pop Band is perfect for those passionate about popular music, offering skill development and performance opportunities. Weekly singing ensembles cater to both lower and upper school students, ensuring regular chances to showcase their vocal talents throughout the academic year.

Beyond the joy of music

These clubs provide a gateway for pupils to develop musicianship, foster creativity, express themselves, and refine communication skills. Emphasising personal growth, students also gain confidence, overcome challenges, and learn the art of effective collaboration.