Maths Olympiad at Laude

On 19 November, Jake Macintyre (Year 11), Julia Krzeminska (Year 10), Emiliya Sivankova, Edward Saunders (Year 8) and Sofia Moreno (Year 7), accompanied by Ms Sapone, participated with enthusiasm in a Mathematics Olympiad held at Laude International College.

The students competed in mixed teams. They sat down in groups with other students form other schools and were given a range of challenging Mathematical puzzles to solve that encouraged problem solving, teamwork and communication. The collaboration was intense and participative.

All the rounds were exciting, specially the “fingers-on-buzzers round” where team members take it in turns to be the first to correctly answer a Maths-based question. The atmosphere at this event was excellent and Julia’s mixed team won the Maths Olympiad. Well done!

IMG_4577 (Small) Participants (Small)