Maths Day at Sotogrande International School

On Friday 14 September, nine students from Years 7 to 9 accompanied by Ms. Sapone participated in a Maths day at Sotogrande International School. The competition was not school vs. school as teams were mixed: Eva, Michael and Ben from Year 7; Emma, Alejandro and Remy from Year 8 and Aranzazu, Xi and Alexander from Year 9 were spread into mixed teams to compete. In the three teams formed there were 3 students from each of the six schools participating in the event.With great enthusiasm the students undertook practical and physical activities involving maths such as solving giant Sudokus, raft building in the swimming pool, geometric constructions and strategy games. Most of the students got certificates for different outstanding skills and in the winning team were Eva, Emma and Xi. Congratulations to all our students and we are looking forward to more challenging and fun mathematical events like this one!

Soto maths 1

Soto maths 2

Soto maths 3