Aloha College Marbella values the contribution that every child makes and welcomes the diversity of culture, religion and learning styles. We are committed to offering an engaging curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all our pupils. The school seeks to raise achievement by removing barriers to learning and increasing curricular access.

Primary barriers will impact students' learning hugely, that is why at ACM, at both Primary and Secondary level, early identification is our key objective. The earlier action is taken, the quicker appropriate help can be provided, and the more responsive the student is likely to be.

“Every teacher is responsible for the progress and development of every pupil in their class. The first step in supporting all pupils, including those with SEN, is high-quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils.”


Learning support embeds all teaching staff, meaning a whole-school approach to inclusion, and demands close coordination and communication with the family and the pupil. From Individual Educational Plans, where there is a full Educational Psychologist Report, to Learning Plans in Primary, different accommodations will seek to work closely with parents/carers and with the pupil in order to remove possible obstacles to learning.

Throughout the academic career, children will make several transitions. These changes are inevitable, and the school employs many strategies to ensure they are managed effectively and pupils are sufficiently prepared and supported for such changes, including transition to our secondary school.

The school SENDCO will coordinate exam access arrangements together with the examination officer and the Head of the relevant Key Stage, to fully support the pupil when facing official examinations.

Overall, the strategies to support the learning of our students including bridging the home-school gap are:

  • High quality teaching

  • Differentiation

  • Personalized intervention and support when in Primary

  • The use of streaming in CORE subjects

  • Individual Educational Plans

  • Learning Plans

  • Support with Transition

  • Exam access arrangements

  • Fluent communication with parents/carers, teachers and pupils

  • Regular meeting with the parents/carers, teachers and pupils

“The effectiveness of the support and its impact on the child’s progress should be reviewed in line with the agreed date. The impact and quality of the support should be evaluated by the practitioner and the SENCO working with the child’s parents and taking into account the child’s views.”