KS1 Christmas Show Dec 2018

Years 1-3 performed a very magical Christmas musical called `The Snow Child,’ which is based on a Russian folktale. They performed a variety of heart-warming songs and dances making this year’s show truly memorable.  This charming musical is about Peter and Anya, a couple who love children but can’t have any of their own. Each year they make a crib and invite all the village children to come and see it. One year they are too sad to make a crib and all the children are disappointed. To cheer themselves up, Peter and Anya make a child out of snow and are astonished when she comes to life. Their happiness soon fades, however, when Crystal begins to melt. Peter and Anya are heartbroken, believing that they will never see Crystal again but to everyone’s joy Crystal returns with the first snow, just in time to celebrate Christmas!