Interschool Girls’ Soccer – Sotogrande

When confined to the sidelines, watching their team play, many coaches experience the thump of their heart in their chest, a rush of nerves and sweating of their palms. This was far from the truth for me when watching Aloha College Girls’ Football team compete at Sotogrande. Everybody who had the privilege of being on the sidelines was completely immersed in the gripping games that took place before us. Previous experience told us that the game at Sotogrande would be a challenge, however the team came completely prepared and Alejandra and Beatriz scored a goal each in the first half. The Sotogrande girls put up a good fight and offered no more chances for us to see the back of their net, giving an end result of 2 -0.The next two matches saw the Aloha girls up against Swans A and B teams. The first game with the A team ended in an impressive 4 – 0 victory for Aloha and the second yielded an even better outcome of 6-0. In both of these bouts the Aloha girls consistently demonstrated their talents with some extremely skilful and impressive football. The final match for Aloha ended in a comfortable win against Laude after a remarkable 4 goals sailed between the oppositions goal posts.All of the Aloha girls fully deserve a huge congratulations for giving 100% in every single match they competed in, however Alejandra earned a special mention as the top goal scorer with a fantastic total of 5 goals throughout the day.Aloha 2 Sotogrande 0 Aloha 4 Swans A 0Aloha 6 Swans B 0Aloha 4 Laude 0

Football 1

Football 2

Football 3


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