Internet Safety

As you are aware, children in the Primary School began their online safety learning last term. Children in Years 2 to 6 have been provided with login details to access Gooseberry Planet online safety games.  As parents, you will be able to generate your own Gooseberry Planet parent account. Once registered you will be able to check your child’s progress through the games. Your parent account will show you the questions that your children were asked to answer and the response that they gave.  This valuable insight will then enable you to discuss any misconceptions that your child may have, or to simply fill gaps in their knowledge and understanding.
To register for an account follow this link and register as a Gooseberry Parent.
Click on the “Manage Children,” icon. You will be asked to provide your child´s username.  This is a six-character username consisting of your child’s initials and four digits i.e. AW1234.  Your child will let you know where to find this information.
Also attached is a parent’s guide to “Roblox.” I am aware that many of your children play this game and this guide will support you in ensuring that they are safe doing so.