Inter-School Creative Writing 2013

Anxiety ruled the bus as we awaited the moment to step off into unknown territory: Swans
International, this year’s venue for the Inter-school Creative Writing.As we abandoned our safe zone their army awaited to escort us to a small dining area where we given snacks and could share last minute ideas.

There, each key stage was given 2 titles, our route to escape. Our teachers bid us farewell and we were marched to the dungeons (aka IT rooms) to begin our 90 minute mission: to write an unforgettable short story with which to amaze the strictest of judges.

The sounds of tapping keyboards was all that could be heard as the sweat rolled down our foreheads, trying to put our jumbled ideas onto paper. All too soon the dreaded ninety minutes was up, we were released from our cells and given a nice lunch as a reward.

The final verdict will be given in January, we await the results with trepidation.

Creative 2 Creative


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