Further Development of Sports at Aloha College

Tennis and Life-Saving at Manolo Santana

Physical Education lessons continue to increase the breadth of Sports offered in its curriculum and improve links with Manolo Santana Racquets Club. This term the IGCSE PE pupils have developed their life-saving skills and the Key Stage 4 pupils have taken advantage of tennis and padel as an option for their Physical Education lessons. The pupils are thoroughly enjoying these opportunities that we will continue to be offered in the following term.


Sports Science IGCSE Body Composition Analysis

The IGCSE Sports Science group have a much clearly idea of their body composition after an in depth analysis by the health and fitness professionals at Aloha Golf Club. They received a personalised report on a variety of individual measurements for their bodily masses of fluid, muscle, fats and minerals. They were also able to assess if their body was well-balanced and if they were growing well. From this they will devise a fitness program that will help them to develop as athletes. They will have a retest later in the year to make comparisons.

While waiting their turn, they were able to participate in a very energetic and motivational fitness session led by the personal trainers of Aloha Health Club.

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