Foundation Stage unveils its own aromatic room spry

The little ones recognise the fragrance both at home and at school, allowing them to feel more comfortable.

Scent is incredibly evocative… So many of us are familiar with the feelings of opening boxes after an international move to be struck by smells of home! Or perhaps you notice your mother’s perfume on a passer-by in the street.

This year we have harnessed the power of scent to support our youngest learners to settle into their new Nursery environment. In the run up to starting school, parents have been gifted a beautifully blended all natural Aloha College Marbella scent bottle to spritz around their child’s safe places, such as in the home, the car, even on their pillow at night. This same scent has then been diffused throughout our learning environment so as to create a sense of familiarity and comfort to support our children in their initial days of starting school.