Creative Writing Event – 9 December

On the 9 th of December a group of Aloha college students with their teachers visited ‘Swans’ International School to compete in the Creative Writing Event which brings students from Sotogrande, Swans and Aloha together. Their quest was to write stories with titles ranging from “The Vegetarian Pig” in English, to “Sushi para tres” in Spanish. In the ICT rooms, all one could hear were the clicking of keyboards as new and diverse story lines were born. Tensions ran high as they only had one and a half hours to write a successful, engaging and grammatically correct story. Yet as Thomas said “Being in an atmosphere where everyone is in the same boat as you is amazing”. At the end, Aloha students left the rooms, pleased with what they had created, ready to enjoy the food and company of our hosts. Results will be announced in the following weeks. In Rosie’s words “It was a wonderful opportunity to exploit our creativity and imagination in like-minded company”.