Covid 19: Update Nº 5

Dear Parents

I would like to continue to thank all of you for your great contribution to the success of our online learning programmes. It was a challenge initially as parents, teachers and children suddenly had to adapt to this new way of schooling. We have been relentless in exploring and researching the best ways of delivering online learning and are continually introducing improvements. No-one would have thought in March that we would have been able to arrive at where we are now in terms of quality. And we would have been unable to do it without the tremendous support of you, the parents.

I understand however that, in spite of the advantages of home life, many parents, children and teachers will be very much looking forward to returning to school.

As you know, although we are still in a situation of lockdown, there have been some measures towards lifting this, which we believe will advance in 4 further phases.

The government did announce some information regarding when and how schools will re-open. However, the way in which this is to be done is still very unclear and changing on a daily basis.

This letter is just to inform you that the Board of Trustees and Management will present to you their final plan once the definitive guidelines have been established.

Teaching and administration in Aloha College will continue online until further notice.

As we have repeated many times, the safety of your children, staff and you the parents is paramount. Please continue to stay safe and supporting your children in their online learning. We look forward to seeing you all as soon as we are able.

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth Batchelor