Covid 19: Update Nº 4

Dear Parents

I would like to update you further regarding Aloha College Marbella’s position on Covid-19. Our position remains the same in that the school continues to be open and expects all pupils who are healthy to attend. Any pupil who is unwell needs to be cared for at home until they are well enough to attend. I would like to stress that currently no pupil, parent or member of staff has been diagnosed with the virus as far as we are aware.

Aloha College Marbella will continue to be guided by the advice of the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Andalusian government. The local health authority’s major concern is that institutions take greater responsibility in the containment of the virus in order to ensure that hospitals are kept free to deal with a possible increase in diagnosed cases.

We are fully aware that there has been complete closure of all educational institutions in Madrid. At the moment there is no blanket closure of schools in the Andalucia region. If there were, we would follow the instructions given. We already have a clear plan in place in order to continue educating your children if they have to remain at home.

However, we have added further internal measures which will take effect from Friday 13 March until Friday 3 April 2020:

  • Staff, pupils and parents are encouraged to limit any physical contact i.e. hand-shaking and kissing, on greeting each other
  • All assemblies and meetings where parents are attending are cancelled
  • All sporting events/matches, both in and out of school, including ACBC and ACFC are cancelled
  • Training sessions will take place without the presence of parents
  • The Year 9, Year 12/Year 13 parents’ consultation evenings are cancelled. Staff will write a short summary of your child’s progress and this will be communicated by email
  • All school trips are postponed or cancelled
  • The IB Art and Music Exhibition scheduled for 2 April is postponed

In addition to these new measures, staff continue to regularly remind pupils of basic hygiene and their attention is brought to the signs which have been placed around the school.

Once again, we thank you for your continued support at this difficult time and we will keep you updated if there is a need to implement any further measures.

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth Batchelor